Casa do Norte

A place to relax and enjoy the silence

This little and lovely house is full of charm and beauty

Fábio & Mónica, Italy

Casa do Norte is as idylic and wonderful
as anyone could ever ask

Joana & Thomas, Germany

This place is perfect
for escaping from the routine world

Panadda & Christian, Tailand

Great vacations!
Thanks to Casa do Norte

Irina, Russia

A beautiful and cozy cottage awaits you on Santa Maria, Azores

On Santa Maria island, Casa do Norte, rural tourism, is the perfect vacation option for those who are looking for peace of mind, tranquility and comfort. An excellent example of the traditional architecture of Santa Maria, Azores, this small but very cozy holiday house enchants by the intimacy and comfort that provides.

The House

The House
Enjoy the silence and the breathtaking views of the mountain and the sea


Pleasure, excitement and fun, all this Santa Maria has to offer

Santa Maria

Santa Maria
Amazing places to go, nice people to know. This island will stay in you memory and in your heart
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