Outdoor Activities – What to do

With 97km² area and a population of around 5,500 people, Santa Maria has a lot to offer to visitors, and particularly to those who want to know, feel and really enjoy the island. For that you can count with Casa do Norte. In addition to the pleasure that will be receiving you in the sunniest island of the Azores, we also will be glad to give you suggestions for a better occupation of your time, according to your wishes.

If you love hiking, there are many beautiful trails in places where time seems to be suspended. You can choose to explore them by yourself, or with a guide and thus become better acquainted with the rich history, flora and geology of the island. Being the Azores a prime location for bird watching, in Santa Maria this is also an activity you can do with expert guides.

For moments of greater relaxation you can also have massages or yoga sessions, in class or private, with professionals.

The vast blue sea that surrounds Santa Maria, usually with warmer temperatures than the rest of the Azores islands, provides dives and memorable encounters with majestic creatures like Manta Rays or Whale Sharks.

All maritime-tourism companies, partners of Casa do Norte can lead you to the best diving spots, or alternatively a boat ride around the island, is a highly recommended outdoor experience.

If all this is still not enough and you want a vacation with more adrenaline, you always have the possibility of experiencing more extreme outdoor activities such as Mountain Biking, Canyoning, Rappel or Coasteering.

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